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Crises have a tendency to arise very suddenly, and there is often a need for effective crisis management. This could be following a work accident, an assault, stress reactions, redundancies and dismissals, severe illness, or divorce, among many others.

It is impossible to predict how an employee will react in a crisis situationAn organization can however provide a sense of security by showing, that all employees are cared for, and may receive professional psychological assistance when a crisis arises. This assistance is crucial for the efficiency of an organization, as functional cooperation is ultimately about the individual’s well-being.

With more than 500 psychologists in our network, Dansk Krisekorps represents such a widespread and flexible organization, that we are able to professionally and quickly provide assistancein both emergency and less urgent situations.

Dansk Krisekorp’s psychologists are on duty 24/7, and provide emergency assistance, nationwide.

Numerous of Denmark’s biggest companies and organizations already have an agreement with Danske Krisekorps – and they only pay when they require our assistance. See a range of our customers here.

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We provide guidance, concerning preventive measures and development of contingency plans. We also offer international assistance when the situation requires it.

- Emergency Assistance
- Psychological Counselling
- Contingency Plans
- Courses and Lectures

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