Victim of robbery - what can you do for yourself?

The robber was not targeting you - they were targeting your belongings

Although it is perceived as a personal attack on you and your boundaries, the robber is not interested in you. It was an accident that you were home when the crime was being committed.

It did not go worse

Regardless of what happened, hold on to the thought that it went as well as it possibly could have. Cherish the thought that it did not go worse.

Be proud of yourself

You did everything you could, given the situation. You should not have played the hero, or escalated the situation – it was good that you did not put your life at risk.

It will not happen again

The likelihood of it happening again is very small. If there are any concrete actions you can take to increase the security for you and your home do so, but there is no reason to overstress.

Maintain a positive perspective

It was an accident, it will not happen again, and you did everything you could. Regard it as an experience that you did not ask for. It is not your fate or your burden, but a memory – a story from your life.

Talk to your friends and family     

It is important that you speak about your thoughts and feelings following your experience. The negative effects on your body and mind must be expelled – the same way you would remove a splinter.

If you in following days continue to be affected by the experience

You need to seek help – this is not shameful, but a necessity for your future quality of life. Contact your general practitioner, they will help you – possibly through a referral to a psychologist.