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How We Work

Dansk Krisekorps is a dynamic company that has developed gradually. Our network now consists of over 500 psychologists, and can, therefore, provide nationwide help in both emergency and less urgent situations. We also offer international assistance when the situation requires it. 

All psychologists associated with Dansk Krisekorps are invited to participate in professional training events biannually. The aim is to provide our psychologists with opportunities to learn and sharpen their skills, to strengthen the corps through the constant development of our psychological expertise. 

At Dansk Krisekorps we have psychologists with expert knowledge for every situation that may arise. They have all registered their proficiencies in our expertise directory, so we can quickly send the appropriate psychologist to help in a crisis. 

Ensuring the right psychologist is designated to the right case is vital to us. We are aware of the great differences in the required course of action, depending on whether the task is to aid a checkout assistant recently involved in a robbery, an employee suffering from stress or a depression, treating problems of substance abuse, speaking with a group of employees whose boss has suddenly passed away, or organizing a psychological effort following an accident abroad. 

The operational management of Dansk Krisekorps is comprised of a team of chief psychologists. The chief psychologists organise crucial emergency assistance. They are the ones who receive the referrals and select the suitable psychologist, who will attend to those involved in the crisis. They also ensure that all relevant documentation and paperwork is administered.