Guidelines for managers

Guidelines for managers in the event of psychological or physical assaults on employees, e.g. assault, robbery, theft, shoplifting, threats of violence, accidents etc. 

  1. Relocate the affected employees to a safe place with no disturbances. Ensure that no-one is alone, even at home.
  2. Accept the reactions of affected employees – they are normal in such situations.
  3. Inquire what happened, and how the employee is currently feeling.
  4. Contact appropriate services e.g. police.
  5. Contact Dansk Krisekorps on our emergency hotline: +45 7022 7610
    The on-duty psychologist must have information about who is involved, what has happened, the state of the involved and their symptoms. Additionally, information about the time and place at which accident/assault occurred, and the name and phone number of the responsible contact-person must be provided. Dansk Krisekorps will then establish contact with the crisis psychologist, who in turn will contact you to determine the next course of action.
  6. Explain to the affected employees that an arrangement has been made with a crisis psychologist and that this is a completely normal procedure in events such as these.
  7. The nearest manager or contact-person must support the involved employees so that nobody feels at fault. For example, the psychologist and the manager/contact-person may make an arrangement with the employee, that involves temporarily modified working conditions.
  8. Ensure that a report of the damages is written and that the employees’ doctors are contacted.
  9. For at least a year following the event, the nearest manager or contact-person must show interest in the mental and physical well-being of the affected employees. If you are in doubt, contact the on-durty chief psyschologist immediately.