Emergency Crisis Counselling

We define emergencies as:

Accidents, assaults, robberies, unexpected deaths, fires, explosions, suicides and suicide attempts, threats, terrorist acts, bombs etc.

We define emergency crisis counselling as:

24-hour crisis help for organisations who wish to offer their employees peace of mind through professional psychological help in crises where they have been subjected to great psychological stress.

The employee or manager may have been involved in or witnessed a serious accident, a fire, physical or psychological violence, threats of violence, suicide, customers threatening suicide or other substantial stressors. These situations can all trigger crisis reactions.

Dansk Krisekorps cooperates with more than 500 psychologists in Denmark, who can provide emergency crisis counselling within four hours of contacting Dansk Krisekrops.

We provide emergency crisis counselling by helping individuals, groups and management. The aim is to mobilise resources and a sense of unity, as well as assessing the need for possible further action. This could be in the form of individual consultations, group meetings, a group-oriented psychological debriefing following the incident, or a one-day course for those involved.