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How we started

Psychologists Mette Nayberg and Morten Holler founded Dansk Krisekorps in 1994, following several years of experience with emergency crisis counselling and crisis management.  

The aim was to provide companies and organisations professional, nationwide, and round the clock emergency services. No psychologist could perform this task alone, but a network of qualified psychologists could rise to the challenge together - the idea of Dansk Krisekorps was born. 

Dansk Krisekorps is now composed of more than 400 psychologists. Mette Nayberg, the CEO and co-owner of Dansk Krisekorps, maintains an active role in the organisation and personally assists in special situations, where the circumstances require her expertise. Morten Holler is still co-owner of Dansk Krisekorps but stepped down from his managerial position at the end of 2019.