Professional Help

When should you seek professional help?

  • If you do not have anyone to speak to about what happened
  • If you are exceedingly concerned about your condition
  • If you continue to feel unwell
  • If your family life and professional life are becoming increasingly negatively affected
  • If you are experiencing sexual difficulties, insomnia or persistent nightmares
  • If you are continually troubled by feelings of self-blame and guilt
  • If you are becoming increasingly irritable, losing your temper, and experiencing problems concentrating
  • If you are feeling increasingly indifferent towards yourself and your surroundings
  • If you feel the need to be constantly active, to avoid confronting your feelings
  • If you develop physical symptoms
  • If you are developing a constant consumption of alcohol or medication

The quality, magnitude and duration of the reaction following a violent experience, varies from person to person. You may experience your reaction intensify, due to previously suppressed experiences resurfacing during the present difficulties. A general indicator of the requirement for professional help is if you find your reactions are enduring or intensifying.

Your reactions are not a sign of weakness. If you continually experience significant burdens in your daily life following the event, you should seek professional help.