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Who are we


Mette Nayberg

Mette Nayberg

Mette Nayberg is Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Mette Krogh

Mette Krogh

Mette Krogh is Head of Administration.

Karin Reves

Karin Reves

Karin Reves is Head of IT and our Contact Centre.

Chief Psychologists

 - The heart of Dansk Krisekorps...

The operational management of Dansk Krisekorps is composed of a team of chief psychologists. The chief psychologists organise crucial emergency assistance. They are the ones who receive the referrals and select the suitable psychologist, who will attend to those involved in the crisis. Together with the psychological coordinators, the chief psychologists ensure our customers receive good service, correct information, are offered the best possible assistance, as well as compliance with GDPR. 

Margrethe Ahlefeldt

Rikke Sophie Bak

Maria Lise Lindskov Buhl

Mette Denning

Lotte Eriksen

Lone Frost

Helene Hovmann

Maja Sofie Humle

Lea Ising

Helge Jacobsen

Inge Loua

Christina Villendrup Lynge

Trine Malver

Lisbeth Starup

Anette Suhr

Marianne Tasca

Board of Directors

 - The Board of Directors of Dansk Krisekorps consist of:

Mette Nayberg

Mette Nayberg

Mette is cand.psych. 1991. Since her time as a teaching assistant at The University of Århus and her employment in research projects at the Rockwool Foundation, Mette has led her own consultancy firm. Here she has held courses, solved organisational tasks, as well as coached managers domestically and internationally. 

In 1994, Mette founded Dansk Krisekorps, which is now part of Dansk Ervhervspsykologi A/S. 

Mette is CEO and co-owner of Dansk Ervhervspsykologi A/S. 

Allan Gross-Nielsen

Allan Gross-Nielsen

Allan was co-founder of AS3, and has been the CEO and owner since 1989. AS3 is a Nordic consulting company with 800 employees and freelance consultants. Allan is the chairman of several other companies. Allan has an education as MSc in business administration.  In addition, he is educated as Transition Coach Senior Practitioner.

Mette Krogh

Mette Krogh

Mette holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (IVØ) and has worked in the administrative field for 25 years. Through several postings abroad, she has obtained many years of international experience.

She has been the head of administration in Dansk Erhvervspsykologi since February of 2008. Mette strengthens the financial, customer-oriented, and strategic aspects of the company.