Om os

How We Think

Our main value is, to always use the necessary resources to help the individual in crisis. This sometimes takes less time than we expect. Sometimes more. The most important thing is ensuring the victim has received the necessary help to move on. Here, we never compromise. Our approach to providing assistance is based on three values: Seriousness, transparency and learning.


Anyone who receives help from a Dansk Krisekorps psychologist must be taken seriously. In a crisis, the victim will therefore always be met by a psychologist who can comprehend the victim's situation. Only this way, can the victim be helped quickly and professionally.


At Dansk Krisekorps we are honest about the services we deliver, and in turn, how much time we spend. If we see that a situation will require more time, we inform you. This ensures that you and your organisation always know what to expect financially.


"Always learning" is the imperative value of everyone who is part of Dansk Krisekorps. As psychologists, we constantly need to sharpen and improve our skills – as this is the only we can help people to move on.