It is reassuring to know that help is available.

It is impossible to plan for how an employee will react in a crisis. But it is possible to give reassurance by showing that provision has been made for all employees to receive professional help when they are faced with a crisis. Help that is vital to the efficiency of an organisation, because a smooth-running working relationship is ultimately about individual well-being.

Crises have a way of striking all of a sudden, so help is usually needed quickly. It might be following an industrial accident or assault, or as a result of stress, redundancy, illness or divorce, for example.

With more than 400 associated psychologists, Dansk Krisekorps is geared to respond quickly and professionally both in an emergency and on a more regular basis. We have psychologists on call round the clock and offer emergency assistance nationwide. We advise on prevention and contingency planning. We also offer international assistance when the situation requires.

A large number of Denmark's biggest companies and organisations have already said yes please to Dansk Krisekorps – and they pay only when they use us.

You are also welcome to contact us.

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