Contingency plans

Neither employees nor managers give much thought to psychological help when they have no need for it. The day they do, everything suddenly has to happen with great urgency and they are faced with the question of who to get hold of, how to get hold of them etc. So it is a good idea to think about these things while things are going smoothly. Then everyone will know what to do if something unexpected happens – just like a fire drill.

A clear contingency plan with unambiguous procedures can be crucial when it comes to preventing unforeseen events from doing lasting damage. If everybody is informed about and instructed in what to do, the contingency plan can be what makes the difference in the emergency phase. It can also contribute to the peace of mind of those involved, who will feel better equipped to cope with the negative effects of the incident.

Advice for management and contact person systems on establishing crisis contingency plans

Dansk Krisekorps has a number of experienced psychologists with expertise in how to handle crises and disasters, including how to organise help in a specific organisation. The management can obtain guidance on developing a contingency plan with a clear division of roles and responsibilities, which will contribute to keeping control in a crisis.

Advice for employees and management in an emergency and guidance on follow-up initiatives

You can consult Dansk Krisekorps at any phase of a crisis and obtain advice and guidance on how best to handle a crisis and take preventive measures. Management can obtain assistance with drawing up an action plan to ensure that colleagues use each other's resources during the crisis, limiting harmful effects on the emotional working environment.

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