Client relations and agreements

Dansk Krisekorps works with clients from a wide variety of industries which frequently have their own unique requirements. As everyone can appreciate the consequences of accidents and crises, they want the best for companies and employees when they are faced with an emergency. It is therefore typical for our clients to be happy to recommend us to their colleagues and competitors. This means that we work with a lot of firms in the same industry.

However, every agreement is individually tailored based on wishes and requirements, not just when it is first signed, but at the annual evaluation meetings, when it can be adjusted.

We have long been involved with the retail trade, where there is a special emphasis on providing rapid assistance for employees who have been involved in robberies, for example, but also on training managers in how to handle such situations.

An agreement with us gives the insurance industry a stable, flexible, quality-assured network. This means that their customers quickly get to see a psychologist with the right qualifications for their particular problem.  This applies to emergencies in Denmark and abroad, small and major incidents outside work, and sessions provided under health insurance or entitlements negotiated under a collective agreement. Cases that qualify as an occupational injury or psychological assistance under liability insurance are also covered.

In the public sector we work for central government, the regions, local authorities and institutions. We are called in to deal with incidents in hospitals, universities, schools and the government services, and when employees and citizens are involved in emergencies on outings, for example.

We have many other types of client, including production companies and consultancy firms.

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