Who we support

Dansk Krisekorps actively supports selected projects that we believe can make a positive difference. This might take the form of initiatives aimed at reducing the risk of assault and robbery or measures that help to increase awareness of crisis management in Denmark and abroad, or help for people having a hard time of it.

Dansk Krisekorps sponsors Teater Billespor, a theatre for the mentally vulnerable.

Dansk Krisekorps teaches and holds lectures for Livslinien, a suicide prevention charity.

Since 2011:
Dansk Krisekorps has been supporting Crimestat and through it the Danish Crime Prevention Council in 2011 and High Five in 2012.

Since 2008:
Dansk Krisekorps has been supporting Danmarks Indsamlingen, a national charity campaign.

Since 2006:
Dansk Krisekorps has been assisting expat families with corporate or private membership of Danes WorldWide.









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