How we help

We at Dansk Krisekorps have been working dedicatedly on the basis of meticulous and well-considered methods since 1994. We stick to them because they have been shown to make the necessary difference to the people we help. 

In general we can provide professional assistance when you or the organisation to which you belong need:

  • the security of knowing that you can always call on a corps of professional
    psychologists – both in emergencies and for less urgent crises
  • urgent assistance so that the individual and/or group can move
    on quickly and learn from a crisis
  • to develop targeted contingency plans
  • prevention through training
  • to examine and develop your culture and working environment

An agreement with Dansk Krisekorps is free. We do not have any subscription schemes, so you and your organisation only pay for the assistance you need.

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  • English
  • Norsk