How it started

Psychologists Mette Nayberg and Morten Holler set up Dansk Krisekorps in 1994 after several years of working in emergency crisis counselling and crisis management. 

The aim was to offer companies and organisations professional psychological crisis help round the clock through a nationwide emergency service. No psychologist could perform this task on their own, but a network of competent psychologists could rise to the challenge together - the idea for Dansk Krisekorps was born.

Dansk Krisekorps now has 400 psychologists. Mette Nayberg and Morten Holler, who are very experienced in providing crisis help, are still in charge and provide crisis help in special situations where the circumstances require their expertise.

They are both involved in negotiating contracts, drawing up contingency plans, monitoring assignments, giving courses and lectures, and holding development meetings and annual evaluations with Dansk Krisekorps clients.

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